Real Estate finance for private sector

Real estate and personal finance for Saudi private sector employees is usually subject to many details, including that the establishment to which it belongs is a major company or to have a financing agreement with a bank or company.... If so, you find that the financing agencies usually treat the employees of these facilities very carefully, not the maximum funding they deserve and the profitability rate is too high for them. Dar Attadawlat invites you to know this offer, especially if you have a residential support approval.

  • This program is in the form of Murabaha and a fixed installment, compliant with Islamic law.
  • Exemption from payment in case of death or inability to work.
  • A profit rate of 2.7%.
  • Financing up to 90% of the value of the property with the possibility of providing the down payment.
  • Funding up to 3 million riyals and repayment period up to 25 years.
  • The possibility of providing personal finance when needed.

  • For Saudi private sector employees who have a minimum of 6 months of employment in the current job.
  • Salary must not be less than SR 9,000 and received monthly by payroll deposit system
  • The client must be at least 22 years of age and not more than 61 years old at the last installment.
  • The customer's credit record should be free of delays.
  • The property must be complete, ready for habitation and not subject to any party.
  • The property must be within the urban range in Riyadh or the eastern and western region.
* This program is subject to terms and conditions and does not necessarily have to be available for all applications.

Before applying for this program and completing the application form, please provide the following data.

  • Check the credit record and there are no previous or current failures.
  • Amounts of existing obligations, if any.
The actual value of the property to be purchased, or the approximate value of the property to be purchased in the absence of a specific property.


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