About Dar Atadwlat

Established in 2011 in Riyadh, as an individual institution engaged in the field of marketing and real estate brokerage and since that year Dar Attadawlat has contributed to providing financing products and financial solutions that serve its customers and enable them to own their properties and provide the necessary liquidity for that, and here we can say that thanks to God and then the elite of a group of trained and qualified employees from the first institutions that have emerged and specialized in providing financing solutions to their clients and through the authorized and licensed financing entities of the SAMA. As the next phase required a focus on specific financing programs and products based on market studies and research, Dar Attadawlat continued to provide these solutions in a distinctive and modern technical environment to ensure the highest levels of satisfaction of its customers, and leadership in this field is limited to those who provide their customers with the service that suits them. 

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Dar Attadawlat 1010514427 is an institution specializing in commercial brokerage and consulting activities in the field of investment and real estate finance and all its services and financing offers above are provided with accredited and regulated SAMA.