1. Intellectual Property Rights

• Dar Attadawlat is the only owner and operator licensed to intellectual property of the site and the materials published in it, all of which are reserved and protected by the regulations and laws in Saudi Arabia.

• The use of this website is in accordance with the terms and conditions contained and obliges the user to abide by any notices or restrictions in relation to these rights and any available materials accessible through them.

  1. Copyright

• Content available through the website in all its forms, trademarks, trademarks, designs and texts on the site is protected by copyright and is owned by the Trading House and any unauthorized use of these rights may lead to prosecution and legal action.

• Dar Attadawlat must be placed as the author and owner of the content in the site and it has to be acknowledged all the time including copyright or other notifications included in any content.

• It does not allowed to modify any paper or digital copies printed or downloaded in any way.

• It does not allowed to use any photographs, videos, audio excerpts or any graphics separately from accompanying texts.

• Any link to another website referred to on Dar Attadawlat website has been added or listed for the purpose of adding information to users of our site only, and Dar Attadawlat is not responsible for the content of that site referred to.

• The use of any part of the content for commercial purposes without a license from the trading house or from its licensees leads to judicial accountability.

  1. Confidentiality and privacy

• At Dar Attadawlat, we have prepared this confidentiality and privacy clause to confirm our firm commitment to maintaining the confidentiality of customer data and information and we will never make your personal information available to other companies for marketing or other purposes unless authorized by you to do so in another item on the Terms and Conditions page, knowing that we maintain physical and electronic protection and procedural controls to prevent unauthorized access to this information, so you can provide your information through the forms on our website. Or email us by phone, email or by any other means.

• Personal data provided to us by the customer or service applicant is processed at the discretion of Dar Attadawlat and used later only to provide him with information, products and services and to inform him of the latest information and services.            

  1. Site offers and customer requests

• Dar Attadawlat undertakes to provide offers and facilities available in accordance with the existing policies in the financing entities approved by SAMA.

• Applying with Dar Attadawlat is an explicit authorization from you to share your financial information as numbers only with the financial authorities approved by SAMA to obtain financing offers and facilities based on these numbers and no further action is taken on them except after your consent and official authorization to do so.

• Dar Attadawlat has the right to accept or reject the application at the moment, based on many evaluations and policies of the financing entities as they are informed without giving any reasons.

  1. Deletion and amendment

• Dar Attadawlat is not obliged to any updates or changes in the policies adopted in the financing directions issued after obtaining an offer from them and change this offer due to the change of these policies and therefore the role of Dar Attadawlat may be limited only to apologize to the client for this and the suggestion of third parties if any.

• All the numbers displayed on this site in SAUDI Riyals are in current value at the time of issuance, unless otherwise stated & may change at any time without warning.

• Dar Attadawlat has the right to make any modification of the information and items contained on this page or any page on the site and disclose it in the site and is bound by it for all its users.

• Dar Attadawlat reserves the right to record correspondence, calls and any forms of communication from it and received from it, and once you have access to this page or use the site, you agree that such correspondence can be used as evidence in the event of any legal dispute and any dispute or claim of violation of this agreement is resolved in accordance with the laws of Saudi Arabia.

  1. The Using of the Site

• The use of the website of the Dar Attadawlat and submitting to one of the offers, programs or services provided by the site is the approval of the client to read and understand the terms and conditions contained on this page and to abide by them and should also check periodically and regularly the contents of this page to see any modifications that occur from time to time.

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